Anplast was initially established in 1986 by Mr. Léonce Tremblay. He had been working in the plastics manufacturing industry since 1962, and then decided to make use of his extensive experience in manufacturing and production to offer Quebec plastics manufacturers a wide range of machinery and equipment on the cutting edge of technology.

Right from the company’s foundation, it secures two exclusive dealership agreements to represent equipment manufacturers throughout the Province of Quebec and the Maritimes. Over the years, several other related products are added to its product line, to even better respond to the needs and expectations of its many customers.

With a team of professionals boasting more than 200 cumulative years of experience in the plastics manufacturing industry, Anplast is able to offer its customers wide-ranging support and help in everything from the layout of a plant to carrying out a specific project. Our team has expertise and integrated knowledge that it has acquired over the past 20 years that enables us to solve the most difficult challenges. In addition, we have a time-tested technical service that provides support and help that our customers can rely on.

At Anplast, we sincerely believe that each customer, from the smallest to the biggest, has its own mission and vision, which it alone defines. This is moreover the philosophy that motivates us to invest our very best in each project and thereby assist our clients in achieving their full potential, as we work in close cooperation with the latter. We are particularly proud of our record of growth, of the respect that we have earned in the industry, of our achievements, in short, of our success. And you can be certain that we will continue in this fashion to work diligently towards your success as well…


  • Provide superior quality equipment.
  • Provide our customers with excellent service and technical support
  • Treat each customer as a partner and play a role in their long-term growth.